Over 22 years changing lifes

Offering BioDental Services since 1998, over 30k patients and over 20 years of experience later, in compromise with you, we decide to expand our fields looking to provide a full Holistic services. Now offering a full experience in BioDental,  Medical therapies and a Family Chriropractic. 

Expanding our facilities and using high technology combined with a bilingual, high qualified, warm human detail oriented personal with many years of experience in the field.

Taking care of every detail of your visit, to give you the best and more complete Holistic solutions to you and the people you care about. We are here for you.

We use the most effective systems for holistic dentistry

Over 30k patients from around the world

Boulevard Agua Caliente 4558
Club Campestre de Tijuana
22014 Tijuana, BC, México

+1 (877) 207 0824

For Medical: info@americanholisticcare.com

For Dental: info@americanbiodental.com

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