Holistic Package

Incredible Savings!

available for a limited time only to select participants

$99 USD

Package valued at $693 USD

An integrative medical doctor will take care and guide you through the whole process. His goal is to select the best personalized treatment from conventional and holisitc medicine.

It is a treatment that combines light-sensitive medicine and a light source to destroy abnormal cells. This single-day procedure will extract many free radicals from your body and provide the PH’s best balance.

Utilizing our specialized x-ray techniques, your Bio-dentist will be able to detect any dental issues which may be invisible to the eye. This is of course optional.

The human body is made of energy and magnetic fields. As we live most of our lives without any real contact with the earth (source of energy), our magnetic bed will help to restore your balance.

This conventional medicine blood exam will assess your kidney and liver function, glucose, electrolytes, blood cells, and more!

Vitamins B1, B6, B12 and minerals like magnesium and selenium work to strengthen your immune system and promote neural regeneration.

 With a single drop of blood you can look at your cells moving and interacting in real time on a big screen. This tool will help you to understand the relationship between your body and the environment in which you live.

The best time to take care of YOURSELF is RIGHT NOW!

Terms & Conditions

This promotion is only by direct recommendation and valid for a single-use per patient, Monday to Thursday starting from 9 am to 11 am due to be a whole day package. Not available for patients with existing appointments. Myers I.V. can only be exchanged for the Ozone I.V. Any additional service outside this offer will be charged extra and could require a new appointment. If you fail to show up to your appointment your payment will be forfeit. This is a final purchase and NO refunds are allowed. Once you have set your appointment you have 48 hrs before to reschedule and a maximum of 3 months from that date to set the new one. You have to come fasting for at least 6 hrs for the Blood Tests and without using sunscreen for the Photodynamic Therapy.