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Stem Cell Treatment

Either if you are looking to use already prepared cells or your own, this is the place to start. Ask for a free consultation (phone or personal) about stem cells.

Holistic Cancer Treatment

You are not a cancer type, you are a whole person with multiple systems working together. We will provide a holistic approach to achieve greater results.

Wellness & Prevention

Here you will find heavy metal detox, thermal imaging, PRP for joint pain and degeneration, IV vitamins, glutathione, ozone & a lot more...

Degeneration reversal

Best holistical practices to stop or even reverse some of the most complicated diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis & more...

Surgery Center

State-of-the-art facilities where we perform open and laparoscopic surgeries with highly skilled and caring specialists

Beauty &

Innovative combination of aesthetic medicine with natural beauty techniques to achieve a beautiful, moisturized & youthful skin

Holistic biological-dentistry center that offers cutting-edge procedures to ensure bio-safety and therapeutic efficacy following Huggin´s Protocol for heavy metals detox

World renowned Dr. Bergman, developed a unique chiropractic approach that has been proven to be effective even with the most challenging cases

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Here you will have the best doctors in their field, and we do not only mean on knowledge, but in kindness and humanity. In American Holistic Care, care is our greater attribute.

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