Degeneration Reversal

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Medical advances have proven to be effective on make us leave longer, but, living longer is not the same than saying living healthy. With aging comes a lot of degeneration in your body structures, most of the time they manifest as pain of disfunction.

What can we do?

Regenerative Medicine

Look at some of the techniques we use…

regenerative medicine by excelence

The stem cell power has been harnessed and previously unexistent opportunities have been created. We have witnessed multiple “untreatable” diseases get corrected, stoped and even erradicated.

for joint PAIN…

Your own blood is filled with platelets and growth factors, but with aging, the distribution of this nutrients gets impaired. With this therapy we can take all this good things and relocate it where your body needs it. It naturally regenerates damaged or disfunctional tissue.

It is very helpful for joint pain or disfunction (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knees or ankles).

prolotherapy + ozone

Prolotherapy with ozone is a combined technique that  stimulates your natural healing mecanisms.

The expert will manipulate the joint and apply intracapsular ozone to promote the migration of blood flow, nutrients and growth factors in a natural way in to your joints to regenerate damaged or disfunctional tissue


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